I am assuming that all of you have read my first article about How to Get Fit, If not, I suggest you go and read that one first as it will help you a lot in starting this journey of being ‘Physically Awesome’. So, let’s wrap up the intro and discuss ‘Healthy Eating: Diet For Beginners – Practical+Healthy. (Step By Step)’

In the last article, we discussed 5 Tips To Get Fit As A Complete Beginner and they were quite simple and practical. I am assuming that you are following the ways I mentioned in that and if not….. I DON’T CARE!


This article is for the ones who are serious about this journey so I’ll ignore all the lazy and procrastinating ones, and focus on the AWESOME people.

A healthy and a Practical  balanced diet ( What to eat)
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What is ‘A Healthy and a Practical Diet for Beginners’ about?

As the title suggests – Healthy Eating: Diet For Beginners

This article will include ‘What do you eat the whole day?’ because I know a lot of people who perform all the physical exercises and stuff but still can’t see visible results. This is because they don’t care about what they put in that belly and this affects you both directly and indirectly.

The direct side effects are obvious and basic – You are eating junk food which increases the amount of bad fat and makes you look like a snowball blah blah.

But it also affects you in a passive way.

Our diet provides us nutrients and minerals and a whole lot of things that control the overall function of our body. The junk food does not provide us with the essential nutrients, in fact, it does the opposite.

If you keep eating junk, you cannot expect to see your ‘Peak Performance’ during workouts which will affect your overall results. Moreover, you won’t recover from your ‘Not so good workout’ fatigue and this will make you dizzy and lazy the whole day, every day.

This is how you will end up.
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You should not consider starting on this road if you cannot control what you eat because the graph of your overall productivity will go down and you will find yourself in a worse place than you are in now.

For the Ones who survived…

So, let’s get into it for the few of you who are still here after reading the former lines.

The diet that I am going to share with you is for complete beginners who are now eating anything they see so DO NOT EXPECT A KETO DIET OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. We will get to that level but gradually. And everything that I am going to tell you is easily available and affordable, so you cannot give any excuses about not starting on this journey of being……. yeah yeah I know that you know what I was gonna say…PHYSICALLY AWESOME!!!!

A Healthy and a practical balanced diet!
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 I am assuming (again) that you have a decent and healthy sleeping schedule (Early to bed, early to rise blah blah) so we are going to assume that you go to bed at around 10-11 PM and wake up at around 6-7 AM. This can be different for everyone (i know most of you do not have a healthy sleeping schedule you LAZY BUMMS) but you will have to adjust everything according to you. I will tell you what you have to eat the whole day, the rest is up to you.

So let’s say you wake up at 6. The first thing that you are going to do is


As I said in my last article....START DRINKING!
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I cannot stress enough on how important this is but your diet starts as soon as you wake up and YOU HAVE TO DO IT.

Drinking water as soon as you wake up will-

  1. Help you freshen up fast and effectively. (Take a smooth and relaxing poop… Okay I know it’s disgusting thinking about it)
  2. Make your skin clear and overall healthy
  3. Get you in the habit of drinking water every day (will not let you forget the ‘START DRINKING’ tip from my first article).
  4. I would tell more but this is not a blog about ‘Benefits of Drinking Water’ so shut up and do what I say.

30mins – 1hour after drinking your water , you can have your breakfast.

Note- We are going to make sure that we consume all the required micro and macronutrients throughout the day, every day. This is not a Muscle building or Weight loss diet plan, This is a beginner’s ‘healthy diet’ plan. We are going to cover all the ‘Goal specific’ diet plans as well but with time as we progress in this journey.

Breakfast for A healthy and practical balanced diet
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  1. 1-2 glasses of milk
  2. A sandwich with peanut butter (Multigrain/atta or Brown Bread)
  3. On days when you do not want to eat a sandwich with milk, you can eat Oats+Bananas+Dry fruits(If you like them)
  4. You can also include Eggs if you are a person who eats a lot. The number of eggs can vary from 2-3(If u do not perform a significant workout) or 6-7 (If you workout….AS YOU SHOULD)
Avoid eat junk food
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  1. Avoid eating a lot of biscuits (especially the ‘creamy’ ones). You can have a few but ONLY A FEW.
  2. Avoid eating Chocos as they are not healthy and have a lot of bad effects.
  3. You may have a ‘Cheat Breakfast’ but only ONCE A WEEK. (Having it only once a week will increase it’s value as well)

I know this sounds very STRICT but remember IT’S ALL IN THE MIND. If you really want the POSITIVE CHANGE, this won’t bother you and don’t forget, it’s just the beginning. THINGS ARE GOING TO GET HARD WITH TIME. HARD. BUT REWARDING.

A Healthy Diet is difficult but you'll get it eventually.
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So, In Lunch we are going to cover a lot of macros.

Things that you can have as Lunch – (I am based in India so I’ll mention the things that are easily available here )

  1. Pulses – Protein (You can have a variety of them so you don’t get bored of eating the same thing like Rajma, Choley, All types of dals)
  2. Have Rice with it and 1-2 chappatis if you like.
  3. Keep on switching among the rice, chapattis, types of deals, etc.
  4. You can have more chapattis and no rice 2-3 days a week with a vegetable. This will keep the proteins and the Carbs balanced.
  5. Try eating more chapattis only twice a week.
  6. Include one bowl of Curd with any combination.
Lunch for your Healthy and practical balanced Diet
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These are enough for a start. Let’s get to DINNER.


Dinner needs to be the lightest meal of the day and we will keep it that way.

  1. Keep it light.
  2. If you are from India, you don’t have much of a choice about what you can eat and also you’ll get tired of making your own meals so eat what your family eats but keep in mind-

-Keep it light

-AVOID OILY AND FRIED FOOD. I know it is very common in Indian homes.

– Try eating less and then drinking a glass of milk after the meal.

And that’s about it. We are not going to include any significant or specific items in dinner for the start but we will reach there as we progress.

Snacks and Mid-Day Cravings-

Eat dry fruits as a healthy snack.
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Snacks and mid-day(or night) cravings are a BIG ISSUE. Everyone wants to eat something after 3 meals. HUMANS ARE SO HUNGRY!!.

For a start, you can have the snacks that you like alongside your workouts and the whole diet ONCE OR TWICE A WEEK.

After a couple of weeks, you will switch your snacks to fruits, dry fruits, Protein-rich snacks like protein bars(Expensive), garbanzo beans or commonly known as ‘Kaale Chane’ in India.

We’ll discuss more snacks in the following articles but for now….. we’ll keep it easy. We don’t want it to be super strict in the beginning.

Things to Remember-

What to remember during your healthy and practical balanced diet
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  1. Do not forget your WATER.
  2. Try drinking green tea at least 3 times a day if you can. In the morning, afternoon(an hour or two after lunch) or before your workout(if you workout in the evening) and one at night. Adjust the timings according to you.
  3. It is going to be difficult in the beginning but stick to it. Remember? HARD. BUT REWARDING.
  4. Healthy Eating: Diet For Beginners.’ is all about Self-Discipline, In fact, this complete series is. So Hold on, Push yourself and get to the next level.

‘Final Words’

As I mentioned in the last article, I’m gonna keep this level of the series basic and light so that it’s not too hard on you in the beginning. I’m going to add things and make things more specific but first, you gotta start somewhere. I gave you the starting point, the ones who are willing to put in the work will go with me to the next level. Others, keep on wasting your life just the way you are doing RIGHT NOW.

So, guys, this is it for today’s – ‘Healthy Eating: Diet For Beginners.‘ Don’t forget to tell me what you liked and what you didn’t… I’m really looking up to your thoughts and opinions. Do drop a comment below, I’ll appreciate it. Till then,

HASTA LA VISTA and Don’t Forget…


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