Hey Perfesteemers!! Today we are gonna talk about Abs. Yess…you got it right, the body part which people admire and desire the most. This is Perfesteem’s – How To Get Abs: 8 Tips To Get Abs As A Complete Beginner.

Ab Routine at Home for beginners- Top 8 tip.
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How much time will it take for you to get abs? I see a lot of articles and posts about ‘Getting abs in a week for Beginners’ and even ‘How to get abs in a DAY’….. IN A DAY!!! People do anything and everything to get traffic and views.

Here, On Perfesteem, we will get abs FOR REAL, and not the temporary ones, but the REAL ONES. The main thing is taking ‘ONE STEP AT A TIME’.

If you have read my previous articles then you know that we are covering the very basics of physical fitness in this section because we are starting from Level 0 and Zero experience in Working out or ‘the fitness world’.

So, This article will take you through the basics of getting abs and not the Peak Point of ab training. So, read it till the end to get the whole benefit of it and go and read my previous articles if you haven’t yet…… NOW!

I’m Linking them below. I need you to catch up with me on this journey and we’ll reach the peak TOGETHER.

How To Get Fit As A Complete Beginner?

Healthy Eating: Diet For Beginners.

So, First, we will bust some myths that you might believe in and make you the SMART ONE, So that the next time you see anyone giving you the wrong knowledge, you can stick a finger in their face and let them know that you are not DUMB. Don’t forget to pick the longest finger!


Myths about getting abs at home.
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Let’s go through them One by One –

  1.  First things first. There is NO QUICK WAY of getting anything. It’s Simple, but NOT QUICK OR EASY. It all depends on your current level of physical fitness. Some of you might see results in a week while some of you might not see them for months. So, think about it, evaluate yourself, and then start on this journey.
  2. Secondly, If you have deposits of fat evenly throughout your body, you cannot lose ONLY belly fat. You got to lose overall weight and then and only then you can see results. There is not any specific method or hack to lose fat from a particular body part.
  3. Third, IT WILL TAKE TIME. We are mostly common people and not someone who can and wants to devote 6-7 hours to work out so it will take time. The QUICK WAY that people talk about is through Vigorous diet, Super hard ab and overall body training, and a lot of time in the gym. We will talk about that in our later segments but for now, we are not one of those ‘GYM FREAKS/BEASTS’.
  4. YOU CAN GET ABS WITH A DIET THAT I’LL SUGGEST. There is no need to become a Giraffe or something like that eating only raw vegetables and boiled food. I’m going to tell you a diet in my later segments which is GOING TO WORK.

These are the few myths I can think of for now. We will bust some of the other myths as we proceed. So Enough of texting her and LET’S GET INTO-

How To Get Abs: 8 Tips To Get Abs As A Complete Beginner.


First step to get abs at home.
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The First thing you have to do is LOSE FAT. There is not any other way you can achieve this. Abs are the core muscles which already exists beneath our belly, we just have to lose that belly fat and make our core stronger.

I’ll not stretch this point but keep in mind, YOU HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT. I’m going to tell you exactly how to do that in the following articles. I’ll cover How To Lose Belly Fat and a DIET FOR WEIGHT LOSS, so, STAY TUNED.

Train Abs every day.

This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT points, you have to and you MUST train your abs every day. I personally experienced the drastic change that this can bring in. I used to try different types of workouts and I joined a Boxing gym once. The coach there used to make me train my abs every day and I saw a drastic improvement in my core muscles. No matter what body part are you working on, you MUST train your abs Every Single Day.

Ab routine at home for Beginners- First tip
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I’ll tell you how I like to do it and I get decent results-

  • Work on the main body part for an hour or 2 based on your capability.
  • Train your abs for half an hour or 1, again according to your capability.
  • Do a high-intensity movement like skipping rope till you exhaust.
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This is THE BEST combination I have come through yet. This will train your main muscle group, your abs and will help you lose fat simultaneously, But DO NOT FORGET-

Do the High-intensity Movement only thrice a week if you have decent muscle mass because doing it more can result in a DECREASE IN MUSCLE MASS.

But if you gained a lot of weight, you can do it as frequently as you can.

Know Your Abs.

Know your abs to start your ab routine at home.
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Before working on anything, you need to know what you are working on. This is the Basic knowledge about your abs.

  • Upper abs- Easy to train
  • Mid abs – Intermediate difficulty
  • Lower abs- Hardest of all
  • Obliques and the ‘Side abs’ comes with it.

So, you will first see the result in your upper and mid abs and after a long time, your lower abs.

Photo By- Matthew Henry on Unsplash

This means you don’t have to get discouraged if you do not see the ‘V cut Lower abs’ in the first few weeks. Hold on to what you are doing and you will get the reward. I will post a complete ‘Ab Routine – THAT WORKS’ in my following articles so that you get the complete blueprint of what you should do to get those Abs to show. It will include all the Ab Specific Exercises and everything you need to know. So again, STAY TUNED.

Stretch Out

A lot of people underestimate the fact that ‘Stretching really Helps’ while performing their Ab routine. If we look at the overall benefit of stretching your abs it goes-

‘Stretching your abs regularly can increase your flexibility, improve your posture, decrease your risk of injury and back pain, and help you move and work out with ease.’

stretch your abs at home as a beginner.
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But here we are talking about achieving visible results and stretching helps us to ‘Relax’ our ab muscles and if done regularly, it helps to achieve visible results during our ab routine.

I won’t ‘stretch’ this point but you should ‘STRETCH’ every night before going to sleep and every morning after waking up.

Rest Day

Rest is an integral factor for getting Abs As A Beginner

Rest day is one of the most important things in your ab routine at home
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There is a lot of confusion and different theories when it comes to ‘Rest Day’. I am going to put this straight to you. ‘Workout very very Hard on the days you work and Rest Harder on the ‘Rest Days’. It is tried and tested By yours truly that it works.

If you workout thrice a week and then rest for a day or two, you will see results on the days you rest. Also If you workout for weeks and then stop working out, you’ll see better results on the days you didn’t workout or stopped working out. I don’t know how it works but IT WORKS.

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So work hard and then sit back, Relax and BREATHE.

Drink Water

You will find this point in a lot of my articles because it is one of the most important, practical, and easy ways on the path we are moving on. Drinking water has a lot of advantages and I cannot even list them all but a few of them are-

  • Clear Skin
  • Weight Loss
  • Digestion
  • Refreshes

and the list goes on.

We’ll keep on praising water in almost all of our articles so I won’t write much here. So, SHUT UP AND DRINK YOUR WATER.

Static Exercises

There are two types of body movements you can perform in any workout, one is static and the other is mobile. As the names suggest, the static exercise does not involve movement while the mobile exercises are the ones in which we move our body.

Static exercises are great to get abs at home for beginners
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Static exercises include various types of planks, leg hold etc.

While many other exercises like crunches, mountain climbers, etc. are Mobile exercises.

Static exercises help us to develop muscular endurance and strength. They are very effective and important for our abdominal strength and ultimately, for our Abs to show.

Photo By- Victor Freitas on Unsplash

So, Don’t forget to include static exercise in your ab workouts. I’ll provide you with a complete workout routine (24/7) along with the diet which will include both static and mobile exercises to balance out and give you the best results in the following articles. So, don’t forget to keep up with my content on Perfesteem.

Don’t Rush

This is one of the most important points to remember if you want to achieve anything in your life in any form. Be it physical health, financial success, or following your passion and turning it into a career.

YOU HAVE TO be patient and put in consistent effort into whatever you are doing every day.

Do it to the best of your ability every day and soon you will achieve much more than you started working for. I don’t know why anyone would read my blog posts and I don’t know if this is going to work but I am putting in the consistent effort every day to make my blog and blog posts the best I can make without getting any motivation or results.

Your ab routine at home is not going to be super fast....so don't Panic
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So, Be patient and put in consistent effort. And also, do it STEP BY STEP. The things that I discussed in this article are for Complete Beginners who are at ground zero. So, If you know these things beforehand, very good, but there are a lot of people who don’t. Don’t think this blog discusses all the basic, common and easy things about everything. We are just starting from ground zero, and this is HOW WE START.

So, Do everything you know now consistently and then I’ll tell you what to do next.

So, Let’s wrap up this

How To Get Abs: 8 Tips To Get Abs As A Complete Beginner.

‘Final Words’

I don’t know why you will or IF you will read my blog posts or implement the things I am saying but I’ll keep sharing with you the things that I learned in my journey so that you have a headstart and a blueprint on how you can be the best of your ability.

I don’t have any ‘Final words’ for this article so I won’t stretch it.

Keep Growing and improving. I’ll suggest what you can do after this and till then

HASTA LA VISTA. And remember…..


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