Hola Perfesteemers!! Today we will discuss a very BIG AND VERY COMMON QUESTION – ‘How to Lose Belly Fat?’. A lot of people have this question irrespective of their gender, age, or occupation. Belly Fat bothers everyone and losing belly fat is very important if posture and ‘looks’ are something you pay attention to.

Losing Belly fat can be very tricky for beginners because there are a lot of people telling a lot of things about ‘How to Lose Belly Fat’. On Perfesteem, we discuss the most practical and useful ways of achieving our goals(tried and tested as well), so in this article, we will discuss the ‘REAL AND USEFUL’ ways of losing belly fat especially for Beginners.

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Coming Back to it, ‘How to Lose Belly Fat’ can be very tricky because of many factors, some of which are –

  1. Your Body type.
  2. Your Current Fitness Level.
  3. The Fat Distribution throughout your Body
  4. Your daily habits

And a lot more.

This article contains –

  1. Basic Habits.
  2. Eating Habits.
  3. The ‘Work-Out’ Habits.
  4. Final Words

I am assuming that you know all the basic things like what is belly fat etc. so I won’t waste your time in the ‘Introduction’. Stop looking in the mirror and let’s get into it.


Habits that you need to adapt to lose belly fat fast.
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Habits are one of the most important factors for achieving anything. From reducing belly fat to gaining muscle or achieving overall physical fitness, we have to adopt certain habits in our daily routine to achieve success.

Losing belly fat will be IMPOSSIBLE if you do not adapt to certain daily habits. In this section of ‘How to Lose Belly Fat’, we will discuss the ‘Basic Habits’ that you have to adapt to get on the road of losing belly fat. We will discuss a few tips in this article which will help you start on this road and will discuss more and advanced tips in the following articles.

We’ll achieve our goals by taking – ‘One Step At A Time’. So, without wasting more time, the ‘Basic Habits’ are-

Green Tea

It doesn’t matter if you are following a workout/physical fitness routine or not, green tea is one of the Best Things that you can consume on a daily basis because of it’s countless benefits.  Some of them which are-

Green tea is a great way to lose fat fast
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  • Losing weight
  • It improves brain function.
  • Contains Antioxidants
  • Help prevent cardiovascular diseases and so on…….

So, this is one habit that you NEED to adopt right now.

The quantity of Green Tea you drink in a day can vary from 3-5 cups a day (Ideal).

Drink 1 cup around Breakfast time, another cup 1 hour after you have lunch, and 1 in the evening or night time. You can adjust the timings according to you as there is no specific timing on ‘When to drink green tea’. I just told you when I prefer to drink it. Just make sure that you


Work Out

Work Out on a regular basis. Working out doesn’t mean that you have to sweat for 2-3 hours straight. According to your fitness level, you can modify or adapt a workout plan that suits you. It can be a cardio-based workout, a HIIT workout, or any other workout routine you prefer. Just keep in mind that

Workout everyday to lose belly fat fast.
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Working out every day will make sure that you stay fit, lose fat, or gain muscle fast and consistently. Remember,

Consistency is the key.

The Best toning and weight loss workouts are the HIIT’S. You should follow a HIIT workout routine if you plan to get shredded, toned up, or lose weight.

Training abdominal muscles/Abs EVERYDAY.

Abs are a very important part of the belly...Duh!
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It might seem like a very common or cliché tip, but THIS ACTUALLY WORKS. No matter what kind of workout routine you follow, train your abs for about half an hour every day after the workout. It is very beneficial and will help you see visible results faster. For more about Abs, Read – How to Get Abs?

Doing Cardio and other fat burning exercises after the workout

Cardio- Road to losing belly fat fast

Many people arrive with the question – ‘What is the best time for performing Cardio?’


Performing cardio ‘Post Workout’ have a lot of benefits, some of which are-

  1. It helps you burn calories even after you have finished working out. Burn a lot more calories when you perform cardio after weight training.
  2. It is ideal because it won’t affect your ‘Weight training performance’ which will ultimately yield better results. Imagine doing your weight training after running on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Yeah, it will leave you exhausted.
  3. Will ultimately leave you more satisfied with your workout routine and you will be able to work harder and consistently.

And a lot more but I won’t stretch this, all you need to do is remember-


            (FOR GUYS) Work on that Upper Body.

Photo By- Arthur Edelman on Unsplash

This is not a habit but IT WILL HELP. So, for all the guys, Work harder on that upper body if you are struggling with Belly Fat. I am not talking about the Abs, but the upper-upper body. The shoulders, back, and chest.

This will not help you lose belly fat but it will do the trick. If your upper body is ‘puffed’, it will make your waist look smaller and BOOM, it will trick anyone who sees you believe that your waist got smaller/thinner.

Those were the habits you need to adopt for now. We’ll discuss more and more as we progress but IMPLEMENT THESE FIRST.

Let’s get into the next segment without wasting any more time. So,



The second thing you gotta keep in mind if you wanna lose belly fat is ‘What do you eat?’ I’ll make this section easy by dividing it into ‘Things you’ll eat’ and ‘Things you’ll avoid’. So… Nah, just read. Enough of the ‘Let’s get into it’ shit.

Things you’ll Eat

Photo By- Ella Olsson on Unsplash

We’ll list these in descending order i.e, Morning to night.

A Healthy Breakfast

  • Yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking(or probably saying)- ‘That’s what everyone says’ but this is VERY IMPORTANT. I’ll list some of the options that you can consider-
  1. Oatmeal + Dry Fruits(For weight loss)
  2. Milk +Eggs +Bananas ( For muscles building)
  3. Peanut Butter Sandwich + Milk + A fruit
  4. Fruits + Juice

There are a lot more options than you can consider, and you can find them easily so there’s no point in mentioning them in this article as this is not a ‘What to eat’ article. So you got the basic idea about Breakfast.

Your overall nutrition distribution throughout the day needs to be balanced, you don’t want to have excess or less amount of any of your macros. So, eat meals with uniform distribution of Carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

For Carbs

  • Add Potatoes and rice to your meals. You can eat rice 4 days a week and consider eating chappatis on the rest of the days for lunch. Eating an excess of carbs will result in weight gain and puffiness on the face. So, keep it balanced.

For Proteins

  • DO NOT FORGET to add ‘proteins’ to your meals, as you must know that Protein is one of the most important macros for Body Building along with carbs. Protein helps your muscles to build back stronger after workouts and it also helps your muscles to recover faster and better. Include Pulses to your main meals and Eggs to your breakfast and post-workout and even snacks to keep up with proteins. There is a huge variety of pulses out there so you can make 10 different pulses on 10 different days. You can balance the 2 major macros i.e, Carbs and Proteins in the following way- Eat Rice/chappati with pulses for 4-5 days and eat Rice/Chappati with vegetables (of your choice) on the rest of the days. This will make a balanced Lunch/Dinner for you. Thank me later.

For Dinner

  • You need to remember that you gotta eat the least amount of food you consume in your day for dinner. Consider eating 1/3 or ¼ of what you eat for lunch accompanied by some milk and you’ll be fine.

Fore Snacks or Mid-Day Cravings

  • Try eating dry fruits if you like them (i know they are boring but try them). Fruits are a great and refreshing snack that you should consider eating.
  • Moreover, you can have tea/coffee + a few cookies (alongside your workout routine) and you’ll be fine. No need to be too strict but at the same time, don’t be too spoiled.


Photo By- Fabio Alves on Unsplash

There are a few things that you need to avoid no matter what you wanna achieve. For your ‘Diet’, I’ll list a few things you need to avoid(for now) –

  • Avoid having ‘Chocos’ or any other similar cereal for breakfast as they are not healthy and have a lot of disadvantages, you can google them out. Just stick to the better/healthier alternatives. Consider the ones I mentioned above.
  • A few cookies are fine but avoid eating a lot of them when you have your tea/coffee. Also, keep in mind that you don’t eat the ‘Creamy Cookies’ a lot, not more than 2-3 or 4 to the max but avoid them totally if you can. It will help you a lot.
  • Avoid having an excess of any macro as mentioned above.
  • Avoid having more than 2-3 or 4 to the max, cheat meals a week. CHEAT MEALS, NOT CHEAT DAYS. And that too ‘Humanly cheat meals’ not the monstrous ones. Take cheat meals which are proportional to the intensity of your workouts. Don’t have cheat meals like Dwayne Johnson if you don’t work out with the same intensity.
  •  This one is very common and cliché but still, AVOID JUNK FOOD blah blah. DO NOT EAT processed fats/bad fats because it will make you ‘badly fat’.(LAME)
  • This is the most important tip anyone can give you, don’t skip this at any cost. AVOID SKIPPING ANY OF PERFESTEEM’S POSTS.

Okay, that’s it for now. That’s the least you can do,huh.


For losing belly fat, you gotta ‘lose overall fat’. I’ll divide this part in two-

  1. For the people who are struggling with ‘Just the Belly Fat’.
  2. For the people who have fat distributed all over.


  • For you guys, we will focus on losing fat but also gaining muscle at the same time. So, Here’s how your workouts will go-
  • Stretching and basic warm-up
  • Main workout/Weight training
  • Cardio/HIIT/Weight losing workout

But remember- You will perform the ‘Weight losing workouts’ only thrice a week if you perform a ‘High-intensity cardio’ and 4 times for the people with moderate intensity.

  • Don’t forget the daily habit of working on your abs every day.
  • Perform the ab workout before/after the Cardio( according to your preferences)
  • This will show you results in a short span of time.

‘Uniformly Distributed Fat’

Photo By – Ehimetalor Akher Unuabona on Unsplash
  • For people who want to deal with uniformly distributed fat, you guys gotta follow a different plan.
  • For you guys, the main focus needs to be Weight Loss. (You can gain muscle later on)
  • Your workout routine will be similar but different-
  1. Stretching and Cardio(intermediate level)
  2. Main workout(Muscle building)
  3. High-intensity cardio
  1. The differences in your routine should be-
  • You will perform the muscle-building workout 3 days a week.
  • On the rest of the days, you’ll either perform HIIT or a High-intensity Cardio Session.
  • You gotta concentrate on sweating more and more rather than building muscle.
  1. HIIT is a very important workout type for you and it will help you immensely. So, you should perform HIIT at least 3-4 days a week.
  2. Adjust the intensity and frequency according to your capacity and increase it slowly. Don’t forget the ‘REST DAYS’.

NOTEI tell the frequency assuming that you workout 7 days a week, so adjust everything according to your capacity and the frequency that you work out for.

This will be enough for you guys now, implement these first and I’ll show up with more before you even consider implementing these. LAZY BUMS!

Final Words

So, these are the things you can do to Lose Belly Fat and achieve visible results faster. There are a lot more techniques, workouts, diets, etc. for the same purpose but I’ll end this one now. We’ll cover more about Losing Belly Fat in the following articles. For more tips, don’t forget to check out my previous articles.

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They will help you make your basics strong and will help you get through a lot of confusion that a lot of people go through. So,

Hasta La Vista people! Keep going and remember,


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