Hola ‘Perfesteemers’! In this article, we will discuss ‘Warm-Up: Warm-up Exercises’ (Complete Routine For Beginners). As the name suggests, this one will include the best Full Body warm-up routine that you can do before your everyday workouts to “Warm up” your Body.

We are not going to discuss a muscle building or weight loss workout routine in this one. This is all about ‘Limbering up’ and getting ready for the above-mentioned workouts. Also, don’t forget to read my other articles on ‘Physical Fitness For Beginners’. You’ll find the link below. So, GO!! Not now… but after reading this one.

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Lets start the 'Warm-Up For a Workout' Now.

Warm-Up is one of the most important parts of your Daily Fitness Routine. YOU CANNOT perform your workouts to the best of your ability without a proper warm-up. Also, the warm-up is VERY IMPORTANT to prevent injuries and muscle pulls, etc.

So Let’s see what does ‘Warm-Up: Warm Up Exercises (Complete Routine For Beginners)’ have in store for you!

An Ideal warm-up includes-

  • The ‘Internal Warm up’
  • Stretching
  • The ‘External Warm Up’

And we are going to discuss the ‘Ideal Warm-Up Routine’ today. So, stop checking your Instagram notifications, and let’s get into it.


This is a very integral part of your warm-up routine. I have personally experienced a huge difference in my performance with and without this ‘Internal Warm Up’.

First step of the Best Warm-Up For a Workout.

So , What does ‘The Internal Warm Up’ mean?

There are a lot of names for this like ‘Passive warm-up’ and there might be many more. Basically, it means ‘warming up your body without moving the body’. In this, we just consume a liquid that refreshes and warms up our body and increase concentration, etc.

There are a lot of options that we have but I will tell you the top 2 options according to me.

  1. Green Tea

Green tea is one alternative that you can try. It will not only help you warm up but will also improve your overall health sidewise. But if we talk specifically about a ‘Warm-up Drink’, I don’t think this is the best one.

2. Black Coffee

Black Coffee is the ‘BEST WARM UP DRINK’. It helps you concentrate a lot better than any other natural drink. THIS IS MY CHOICE.

How to Drink it? –

In a cup of hot water, add 1 teaspoon of coffee, mix it, and BOOM! GO AND PUMP THAT IRON.  


Second step - Stretching (Warm-Up For a Workout.)

Stretching is like the Main Course of Warming up. We will start from your head and progress down to your feet.

Neck – Neck Rotation and Stretching

Relax your neck. Stretch it by looking up and down first and then sideways. Feel the stretch in your neck. After these movements, Rotate your neck clockwise and anticlockwise slowly while feeling the stretch.

Shoulders- Shoulder Rotation

Rotate your shoulders, without moving any other part of the arm, clockwise and anticlockwise, slowly. Then, spread out your arms forming a ‘T’ and repeat the movement. In the end, repeat the same pattern but with your whole arms, moving like a Fan.


Spread your arms straight in front of your body. With your fingers facing upwards, hold them and pull them towards your body while feeling the stretch. Then, with your fingers pointing downwards, repeat the same. Do these 3 times each.


Spread your arm straight up (towards the ceiling), bend it at your elbow and hold the elbow with your other hand. The palm of the bent arm should be behind your neck. Now, stretch your elbow downward, stretching your triceps and hold it. Repeat this movement 3 times.


Cross your fingers behind your back and hold it. Then, try bringing the hands upwards to the best of your ability. Repeat it 5 times.

Back and Waist

  • Put your hands on your waist and TWIST, clockwise and anticlockwise, 20 seconds each and 3 times each.
  • Put your hands on your waist and bend sideways. Do this 30 times (15 on each side)
  • Put your hands on the back of your waist and bend backward. Hold for 5 seconds and come back up. Do this 5 times.
  • Bend forward and touch your toes, hold for 2 seconds, then stand back up and put your hands on the back of your waist and bend backward, hold for 3 seconds and repeat this 7 times.


  • Feet – Raise one of your legs in front of your body about 10 inches from the ground. Rotate your feet clockwise and anticlockwise, 30 seconds each.
  • Feet – Put the toes of one of your feet against the ground behind your body. Feel the stretch on the upper part of your feet. Do this for 10 seconds each and 4 times.
  • Calves- Stand straight on your feet, then, stand on your toes and then back on your feet. Repeat this at least 30 times.
  • Quads/Thighs – Hold the upper part of your feet with one of your hands behind your body (above your hips). Feel the stretch in your Quads/Thighs, hold for 30 seconds each, and repeat it 3 times.

This ends the Stretching section. Let’s get to the final section. of this ‘Warm-Up: Warm Up Exercises (Complete Routine For Beginners)’ (Why do I say this again and again!!??). Pardon Me…


The External Warm Up- (Warm-Up For a Workout.)

I will keep this section Straight, Simple and Short.

Running on the spot For 2 minutes

It will loosen up your leg muscles and will get you warmed up a little bit.

Run slowly on the spot for 1 minute, increase your speed to your maximum in the next minute. This will help you a lot.

Jumping Jacks

Another amazing exercise for warming up the whole body. Perform Jumping Jacks for 30 sec- 30 sec- 1 minute- 1 minute

Jumping on the spot for 2 mins

Jump on the spot slowly for 1 minute and the other minute, jump as high as you can and as fast you can.

 This will be enough but if you still want more, you can add skipping in your workout. 500 skips will do it.

‘Final Words’

So let’s wrap this ‘Warm-Up: Warm Up Exercises (Complete Routine For Beginners)’ up. This is the starting of our Workouts series. This series will include various body weight as well as Muscle-specific workouts. Also, this series will take you through various Goal specific workout routines like Weight Loss workouts or Muscle Building workouts with and without equipment. So, stay tuned and keep following Perfesteem for all the knowledge you need to Be the Best version of yourself.

Hasta La Vista

And don’t forget…..

You got this! Follow this Best Warm-Up For a Workout.


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