“You are imperfect permanently and inevitably flawed and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL”                     

Amy Bloom


Everyone nowadays talk about ‘Loving yourself’ and ‘Being comfortable in your own skin’ but it is a fact that more than at least 80 percent of the people don’t believe in what they say. They are just going with the flow and have got a ‘Trend’ which justifies their carelessness and not being the best they can be.

Perfesteem is all about bringing out the best in you. Here we will learn how do you actually become a better person than what you see in the mirror today in every aspect i.e, Physically , mentally , socially and emotionally.

Admit it or not, most of us(if not all) care about what people think of us. We always want to impress people.

‘Humans are Social Animals’.

I see a lot of people who are not happy with the the level of fitness they have. Also, no matter how hard a person or a community try to spread awareness and make people adopt a certain mindset….


Hence , body shaming makes the condition even worse resulting in low self confidence, low self esteem , poor body image, depression , anxiety and so on… and we are going to deal with EVERYTHING that affects YOUR HAPPINESS in any way.

On Perfesteem we’ll go from level zero(the lazy, procrastinating and useless self) to level AWESOME (the ‘DREAM ME’ and the best self).

On Perfesteem , No matter what you are going through…. you will get tips and ways to get better in every aspect and impress all the señors and Señoritas.(additional benefits)

I will not stretch this section because I know everyone HATES to read long paragraphs. I just want everyone of you guys to be the best version of yourself and improve everyday so that you feel awesome in your own skin and you Love and Cherish Yourself and Everything Else in Your Lives.